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Shopping and entertainment in the city center

AUPARK is the name of a successful chain of shopping and entertainment centers. The concept that brought a completely different level of shopping comfort to Bratislava in 2001 is a continuation of the tradition of modern city shopping centers. Each structure is a unique combination of a great location, quality retail architecture and an attractive offer of brands, restaurants and services.

A long-term high popularity among visitors led to a high awareness of the AUPARK brand. The extraordinary results of the center sparked a further expansion of the chain that is currently on the way to the Czech Republic. After the malls in Piešťany, Žilina and Košice, the opening of the first Czech AUPARK shopping mall in Hradec Králové is being prepared.  


Opening hours

Shopping center opening hours
  • Mo-Su: 09:00 - 21:00
Billa supermarket opening hours
  • Mo-Su: 07:00 - 21:00
Well Done and Dobrá Bašta opening hours
  • Mo-Su: 10:00 - 21:00
Glacio opening hours
  • opening.: 08:00-21.:00
  • Mo-Su: 07:00-21.:00
101 Drogerie, Pharmacy opening hours
  • Mo-Su: 08:00-20:00
  • Mo-Su: 08:00-21:00
Newsagent and tobacconist
  • Mo-Sa: 07:00-21:00
  • Su: 09:00-21:00
Casino Rebuy Stars
  • Mo-Su: NONSTOP


NEPI ROCKCASTLE was formed by the merger of New Europe Property Investments Plc (NEPI) and Rockcastle Global Estate Company Limited (Rockcastle). Newcastle NEPI Rockcastle Plc (NEPI Rockcastle) took over the two companies' businesses, becoming the most important retail real estate business in Central and Eastern Europe, and according to market capitalization, it is among the top 10 real estate companies in continental Europe.

NEPI Rockcastle personnel commits to demonstrate the highest standards of personal integrity, truthfulness and honesty in all activities, in order to inspire confidence and trust in such activities, both internally and externally. Any act of bribery and corruption for personnel’s own benefit or for the benefit of others, as well as any act of corruption in relation to our partners, for the purpose of preferential treatment or any benefits, are strictly forbidden. 

Therefore, to keep our partnership safe from any unpleasant events and to invest in long term relationships, we encourage you to raise to us – even anonymously if this brings you more comfort – any ethical issues or serious concerns you might face in relation to our personnel, during our collaboration, so that we can address and correct inappropriate conduct and actions.  For this purpose, a Whistleblowing Policy and reporting channels have been implemented and are available on our website at https://nepirockcastle.com/group/corporate-governance/whistleblowing-policy/. One may choose between a secure web portal hosted on the Group’s website in the Corporate Governance section or a dedicated hotline.

We do believe in long term relationships, hope you share and support this goal!


NEPI Rockcastle focuses on dominant retail real estate in the high growth markets of Central and Eastern Europe, while Romania (the largest owner), Poland (the fourth largest), Slovakia (the second largest), Romania markets in Croatia, the Czech Republic and Serbia.

More info on: www.nepirockcastle.com


AUPARK Piešťany SC, s.r.o.
Nitrianska 7555/18
921 01 Piešťany


Director Zoran Macháček
Phone: +421-33-7915530
E-mail: zoran.machacek@nepirockcastle.com
Technical manager Štefan Barka
Phone: +421-33-7915533
E-mail: stefan.barka@nepirockcastle.com
Marketing Monika Košinová
Phone: +421-33-7915511
E-mail: monika.kosinova@nepirockcastle.com
Short-term tenancy Monika Košinová
Phone: +421-33-7915511
E-mail: monika.kosinova@nepirockcastle.com