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Aupark charges the first 3 hours of parking for all visitors with 0,50€, while the first 10 minutes are free of charge.

Aupark offers parking space for 390 cars under a constant (24 hours) supervision by cameras and a car charging station. The parking is charged with 0,50for the first 3 hours and the first 10 minutes are free of charge. Parking cards represent another discount option and they are available at the 24 hour service center of the shopping center or it is possible to buy them at the pay stations. The pay stations are always to be found at the lifts or at the food court. 

Price list for parking

Working days and weekends
  • First 10 minutes
  • First 3 hours
  • More than 3 hours (parking ticket)
    1,00€ / hour
  • More than 3 hours (parking card)
    0,80€ / hour
The fine for losing the parking ticket is 20€.
Price list for parking

Complete parking code:: Parking regulations