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Hriesne dobre nakupy shopping festival

The biggest and most attractive shopping festival in Slovakia called Hriesne dobre nakupy s Evou takes place twice a year at all Aupark shopping centers across Slovakia. You can look forward to a lot of discounts at Aupark Piešťany from 22nd to 25th March 2018.
Hriesne dobre nakupy shopping festival

Jana Gavalcová has designed a modern shopping bag and this year the number of these bags is limited again. You can get it at the specialized stand on the ground floor during the Hriesne dobre nakupy festival when you exchange it for a voucher that you can find in the Eva magazine from 6th March 2018.

How to get a discount

A discount or a present can be applied in marked shops of Aupark Žilina from 22nd-25th March 2018 after presenting a voucher from the voucher book that can you can find in the Eva magazine from 6th March. Each voucher works only for one shopping, one cannot combine the discounts and they cannot be used for gift vouchers and for goods that have already been offered with a discount. The offer “present to your shopping” is available until stocks are exhausted.