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Children area

The children area along with its playing structures and slides can be found at the food court on AUPARK’s first floor. It has been designed for kids who can enjoy their time at the area to the full accompanied by adults.

You can leave your kids at this children world and go shopping without any worry. Your children will have fun at the playing structures, slides and other attractions under a professional supervision of experienced instructors. Children can enjoy interesting events at Christmas and Easter, the end of the school year or any other vacation days. 

Baby change facility

The baby change facility is on the ground floor next to the toilets. As a kind of a first aid to mothers with babies, it is equipped with changing mats, a microwave, an infant bottle heating container and a seat for breastfeeding, as well as with a washbasin and a toilet with a children seat. When you want to enter the room, it is necessary to announce it via the intercom.

(viď piktogram na orientačnej mape).


The lockers that can be locked with a number code are designed for a short-term safekeeping of personal things during the AUPARK opening hours.

You have to pick up your shopping or your jacket on the same day before closing time. The lockers area is checked always after closing due to security reasons and the found content is destroyed. 

Free Wi-Fi zones

AUPARK visitors can surf the Internet in the shopping center for free and communicate with friends or answer a business email while having a coffee thanks to a wireless connection. The connection is time limited (2 hours).

The Internet connection is free for Aupark customers and can be used for 2 hours at the most. Enjoy surfing the Internet at our mall! 

Recharge stations

The visitors can recharge their cell phones as well as their electric cars. There are 6 lockers for recharging cell phones, smart phones and tablets, each with 6 connectors for different devices.

The charger is located on the ground floor of the shopping center. A Greenway car charging station is located at the parking exit. It can charge an electric car in approximately 20 minutes time and you have to register at www.plug-in.sk before use.